World's first ISO 17025 certification in the field of Drone Surveying. Start surveying and consulting services corresponding to "i-Construction" of MLIT.

Hasshin, Inc. received the world's first ISO 17025 certification in the field of Drone Surveying on August 15, 2017. As a result, it became possible to guarantee the accuracy of DroneSurvey with world standards. This survey accuracy is 2 cm. Along with this certification, we will start Drone Surveying service and ISO 17025 consulting service from October 2017.

■About the international standard "ISO 17025".

ISO(International Organization for Standardization)is a non-governmental organization that establishes international standards (ISO standards). ISO has established various standards such as screws sizes, paper sizes (A4 paper) and emergency exit marks. In addition to the standards targeting those "goods", ISO have also established the "management system standard" for managing the organization's quality activities.

In this standard, it is required to create reproducible systems by documenting important technologies. By receiving certification from accreditation body, we can obtain international credit for accuracy and distribute manufactured goods and data in WTO member countries.

As a representative of management system standards, there is ISO 9001 which is "international standard of quality assurance" used in manufacturing industry. ISO 17025 exists as the "international standard for laboratory inspection capacity" requiring more items than ISO 9001.

■Background of accreditation.

Hasshin, Inc. has a base in Kariya city, Aichi prefecture, we are conducting radioactivity measurement business as an inspection organization specified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. In 2013, we received certification of ISO 17025 in the field of radioactivity measurement, we are conducting radioactivity measurement of food which is necessary during domestic distribution and export.

In October 2016, we established "Aerial Shooting Service" which undertakes general aerial shooting services as part of business expansion. In the following month we finished training complying with the standard of aviation station manual, and I got permission to fly from the MLIT(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport).

This time, taking advantage of the ISO know-how obtained in the field of radioactivity measurement, we received the world's first ISO 17025 certification on August 15, 2017 in the field of Drone Surveying (image analysis survey). When designing the management system, we are using "UAV-based public surveying manual (draft)" issued by the Geographical Survey Institute in 2007 ,and also it corresponds to "i-Construction" promoted by the MLIT.

■ About "i-Construction" and future services.

The Drone Survey is a surveying method recommended within "i-Construction" making full use of the ICT related technology promoted by the MLIT. It is possible to perform the Drone Survey in a shorter time ,at lower cost than the conventional survey, and in the process of Drone Surveying It has the advantage that 3D model can be formed.

We will start a Drone Surveying service compatible with "i-Construction" in the future, we will implement education and training ,ISO 17025 consulting service to disseminate the standardization of ISO 17025 in the field of Drone Surveying in Japan. If you are interested in Drone Surveying, please contact us.

■Certification Information
Materials or Products tested Structure , Topography
Specific tests or Properties measured Survey analysis of 3D image with drone
Standard Method or Technique used Procedures for Preparing Numerical Topographic Map Using Aerial Photographs by Drone. On the basis of: Public Survey Manual with UAV (Draft) (Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Revision in March, 2017)
Machine(Drone) DJI Inspire2
Accreditation body ISO 17025 Test facility accreditation body PJLA

■Company Information
Company Name Hasshin, Inc.
Establishment August 2011
Adress 101-1, Kitayashiki Noda-cho, Kariya-shi, Aichi, 448-0803, Japan
CEO Yasuhiro Kato
Aerial Shooting Service

Hasshin, Inc.

■Contact Information * If possible please contact us in Japanese.
Person in charge Yasuhiro Kato
TEL 0566-21-0350
FAX 0566-91-5535